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Dear C’est La Vie Listeners,

Here is Bestiary by Jim Burke, it is a show in 3 parts, 3 monologues from animals telling their side of the story.

Three famous animals…and their famous last words. Bestiary offers an animal’s-eye-view of human history, ranging from the Biblical Flood, the Napoleonic Wars, and on to the space race. Jonah’s whale and Laika the canine cosmonaut begin and end this tragi-comic trio of monologues, while the bizarre-but-true tale of the Hartlepool Monkey completes the set.

Happy Listening,

The C’est La Vie Team

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In The Yichud Room

Dear C’est La Vie Listeners,

Here is a little Jewish cheer for Christmas day. Happy Listening!

In The Yichud Room by Joel Fishbane

On the day of his wedding, Sutler Brody is visited by the father of an old girlfriend, bringing up unwanted memories of the past : a play about secrets from your past catching up with you.

Happy Holidays!

Sarah & The CLV Team

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8 Words That Ruined My Relationship & Oreo!

Gearing up to season 2 here are two fantastic plays from last season.

Let us know what you think of them.

8 Words That Ruined My Relationship

8 Words That Ruined My Relationship is a look at the last 20 minutes of a relationship in this carefully crafted repartee between He, She, and Someone Else.


A delicious comedy about race, identity and vibrators! 

”Black on the outside, white on the inside.” Kaye, a woman of colour, maintains that her passion for soft rock and word puzzles do not negate her racial identity. Newly divorced and working at a sex shop, Kaye is determined to find a way to live life inside her own skin.

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Season 1 Recap: Prisoner’s Dilemma

Hello C’est La Vie Listeners,

We are gearing up for another great season of audio podcasts of plays. In anticipation, we are going to be re-airing all of season 1 to get you in the mood.

So for the next month we will be airing two podcasts a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We will begin with Prisoner’s Dilemma by Sterling Lynch aka @SterlingLynch, I know today is a Wednesday, but I just can’t wait until tomorrow!

Happy Listening!


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