Interview with Tabia Lau about Zip & Wick #72: Endings

Where are you from? Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec.

When did you start writing? I started in grade seven, eight, when I discovered online fanfiction and realized I could be an aspiring writer. Silly as it seems in retrospect, I had distanced authors, journalists and bloggers from myself, thinking they were distant, magical people I could only adore from afar but never join.

What inspires you? Strangers tend to inspire me most. I do a lot of people watching, on the metro, on the bus, in crowded areas where you catch a glimpse of someone taking a moment to themselves, or an interaction. Just a flicker of an enormous story you’ll never know, but it certainly takes my mind places I’d never go without seeing this one person flash in and out of my day.

What inspired this play? ‘Endings’ exploded out of my love for superheroes and the choices they make, the responsibilities and weight they bear. My fascination for enemies and their similarities, for communication and respectfully disagreeing, for connection and the oddest places you’ll find it. It began as a short story entitled ‘Soft Shoes’ and was then lengthened to the medium of a play as a birthday gift for a good friend who formerly aided me to realize its real potential. It went on to be staged for the yearly McGill Drama Festival, and just recently played at the Montreal Fringe Festival 2011.

What do you write other than plays? I tend to write bits of dialogue or short fiction pieces. During school I have very little time to write long pieces, so I keep a wide variety of blogs or facebook notes to continue working at it. Writing has always been a practice for me, not a gift.

What time of day do you write best? The time between 11:30PM and 3AM are without a doubt the best time of a day for me. A night owl through and through, I love the calm of the night, and usually get a lot of writing or important conversations down during this time. It’s when lights go out and everything slows down, and everyone is quieter, and the world is more honest.

Do you have a website/blog? Can I contact you? You can find all the information you’ll ever need on my facebook page , which ought to link you to all the other pages!

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