Bestiary by Jim Burke

Welcome to another C’est La Vie Theatre podcast. Today we have Bestiary : a play from the perspective of history’s most famous animals by Jim Burke.

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Bestiary was written by Jim Burke.

Today’s performance was directed by Sarah Mahoney.

Danny Morison as the Whale

Scott Humphries as the Monkey

Carolina Alves-Brunei as the Dog


Spencer Thompson providing other voices.

Sound recording was done by Conor Wiese-Hansen, and Chana Ellman was the project manager.

Bestiary was first broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on 8 July 2003 with the following cast:

The Whale…Sam Kelly

The Monkey…Mark Chatterton

The Dog…….Carla Henry

Produced by Nadia Molinari

In September 2009, it was presented as a staged reading by Playwrights Workshop Montreal and performed by Paul Van Dyck, Laura Teasdale, and Gord Masten.

In April 2009, it was performed, with added songs, at Theatre 314, Montreal in a Funhouse Theatre production in association with opera/theatre Voxpopuli. Chris Nachaj played the Whale and the Monkey, Lisa Flower played the Dog. Music was composed by Patrick Mathieu.

Its stage premiere was at the Hillsborough Park Arts Festival (UK) in 2005. It was subsequently played at the Buxton Festival Fringe and Hebden Bridge Arts festival in 2006. All three parts were played by Nick Nuttgens.


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