Listen to Oreo

Welcome to another C’est La Vie Theatre podcast. Today we have Oreo : a play about racial identity, dildos, and delicious snacks by Nadine Thornhill.


Oreo was written by Nadine Thornhill.

Today’s performance was directed by Sarah Mahoney.

Kaye was played by Olivia Blocker

Sidney was played by Rebecca Babcock

David was played by Joel Foshbane

Bea and the Female customers were played Carolina Alves- Bruni


The male customers were played by Spencer Thompson.

Sound engineering was done by Conor Wiese-Hansen, and Chana Ellman was the project manager.

Oreo was originally produced for the 2009 Ottawa Fringe Festival by Silent QUEMB* Productions

Directed by

Chantale Plante


Nadine Thornhill as Kaye

Robin Guy as Sidney

J.P. Chartier as David

Iyono Ede as Bea

Colleen Sutton as Female Customers

Sterling Lynch as Male Customers

Nadine Thornhill can be reached via e-mail at: dramaqueen@rogers.com


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