Prisoner’s Dilemma by Sterling Lynch

C’est La Vie Theatre’s first podcast is Sterling Lynch’s play Prisoner’s Dilemma.

Listen to it here: Prisoner’s Dilemma

Prisoner’s Dilemma was written by Sterling Lynch.

Today’s performance was directed by Sarah Mahoney.

Claire was played by Gabriela Saltiel

Sarah was played by Megan Stewart

The guard was played by Daniel Ruppel

Sound engineering was done by Conor Wiese-Hansen, and Chana Ellman was the project manager.

Prisoner’s Dilemma was first performed at the Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary in 2006. In 2010 it was performed at the Ottawa Fringe Festival.

The Playwright, Sterling, encourages you to live tweet your impressions as you listen. Tweet @sterlinglynch and include the hashtag #PDpod.

If you enjoy the play, you will also enjoy his blog. Check out



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2 responses to “Prisoner’s Dilemma by Sterling Lynch

  1. I would love to hear comments or feed back about Prisoner’s Dilemma, and/or the quality of the podcast. What did you think?

  2. Tabia

    I’m having an interesting dilemma with Prisoner’s Dilemma. On one hand I did enjoy both the idea and constant throwbacks to mass mediums. I’ll admit I got every Simpsons reference.
    I find the beginning of the play to be quite troublesome. I understand that both characters are feeling one another out, slowly getting to know one another, but I don’t see why they would engage in any conversation at all, let alone one so free and casual as theirs. They speak of art and and pets and family, it’s all sort of floating around in space, and ultimately does not add to either character. By the time the dilemma is presented, I found myself being relieved a conflict had arisen.
    The Dilemma itself is an interesting mind game I think I wish the play had delved into a bit more. By having the characters sitting and talking, arguing about what was about to happen, I found it took suspense out of the play, even just presenting the dilemma and why it is so tricky. I suppose I’m just wondering what about this prisoner’s dilemma can I learn from this piece that I cannot from a textbook in a cultural studies course, what does the form of theatre add to this dilemma?

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