C’est La Vie goes Rep

We are trying something new here at CLV: We are rehearsing 3 plays in repertory. For this to work, I cast all three plays last Tuesday, and while the casts are not identical there is definitely some overlap. We are in beginning week 2 of 3 weeks of rehearsal and 3 plays: Nadine Thornhill’s Oreo, Jim Burke’s Bestiary, and Joel Fishbane’s In the Yichud Room. We have begun rehearsals on Oreo and Bestiary and tonight we have our first read through of In the Yichud Room! One week in, I have found this to be a more rewarding way to work, though it does have its own scheduling headaches. The great thing about working this way it that there is more time in between rehearsals for each show, and this means that we have more time to get to know one another, but it also means that there is more time for the characters to marinate in the actors heads. Which makes for good salads…I mean podcasts.

In case you were wondering I am also still fiddling around with the tech stuff. I did manage to get an iTunes link, but I used the wrong rss feed, so now I have to go back and try to correct it. Thank goodness I still have a couple weeks to work out the kinks before the April 12th Launch.

– Sarah


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