Tonight has been very exciting. Hence the title. I got to listen to a first edit of our first recording. IT SOUNDS AMAZING!!!! I want to shout it from the roof tops and email it to everyone I know. Instead, I am forcing myself to have some restraint, and respect my launch date of April 12th. It also helps that there is still some work to do on this recording.

The second really exciting thing, is a huge outpouring of support in the form of likes on our facebook page www.facebook/cestlavietheatr. I asked for a little help, and I got a ton, and so now we do have an official page as you can see through the link above. So a big thank you to everyone who likes us, we like you too!!! If you don’t like us yet, you should give it a try.

Third, we have started to get subscriptions to the blog! Which is awesome, and a little scary since I guess I am going to have to be a captivating writer, not my strongest talent. Maybe I can get away with self-deprecating and sincere instead.

So all around a very exciting day!


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